The new generation plays a pivotal role in the construction and formation of any society. There is no shortage of schools, colleges and universities. The only shortage is that of moral training. If education is like a body, then understand that training is a soul. It gives a reflection of moral and positive thinking. The dreamy abilities of the younger generation sometimes need a good motivator and motivator to awaken them, which leads to mindfulness.

Ethics should be a compulsory subject in the curriculum. There should be a requirement of 50 passing marks in this subject instead of 33 marks and there should be a separate portion for ethics in any job test. It is also necessary to take 50 marks to pass through ethics. Now, most of the readers will be wondering what kind of suggestion this is, so I suggest that our condition as a nation may have become such that only a few people accept the advice by words of wise men. Parents should train their children well from childhood, parents should not quarrel in front of children at home, and must keep away their children from a bad and abusive environment. When someone does good and virtuous deeds, do it in front of children because children always copy the elders.

Warn children of wrongdoing in a proper and polite way, encourage them to do good deeds. Remember: behind immorality and good morals, there is not one person but many people.

It is said that a woman did not forbid her son to commit petty theft. As a result, his son gradually became a notorious robber, and when he finally got behind bars and was sentenced to death by a court, he was allowed to see his mother shortly before the execution. He picked up the knife and began to cut his mother’s ear. He said: I am cutting off my mother’s ear because when I was stealing, her ears were listening, but she did not stop me from doing this. Never stopped, if she reprimanded me since childhood then I would not be hanged for my such bad deeds.

Remember that society is formed by individuals and for the better formation of society, if education and training of the new generation are done in the framework of moral values and from childhood, then an individual does not remain an individual but changes the destiny of society. Within society, jealousy, theft, gossip, lies, hypocrisy and other ills are due solely to the lack of moral training of the new generation.