ISLAMABAD - A woman stabbed her three children to death and attempted to com­mit suicide after hav­ing a brawl with her husband in the capital, informed sources on Thursday.

The incident took place in the jurisdiction of Shehzad Town police station, they added. The bodies of children and the injured woman were moved to Pakistan Insti­tute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) where they have been identified as Ayan (7), Muskan (4) and Noor (3). The killer woman was identified as Zeba Bibi. According to sources, a brawl oc­curred between Zeba Bibi and her husband Abdullah at their home located in Shehzad Town. The angry wom­an picked up a sharp knife and slit the throats of her three children who all died on the spot. Later, sources said, the woman also attempted to end her life with the same knife, they said.

However, the woman suffered serious inju­ries. A heavy contin­gent of police rushed to the crime scene and moved the bodies of children and the in­jured woman to PIMS. A police spokesman told media that a mother killed her three young children after quarrel­ling with husband and also tried to kill herself with sharp knife. He said the injured woman was shifted to hospital where doctors are try­ing to save her life.