Kyrgyzstan keen on joint ventures with Pak businessmen, investors

LAHORE  -  Kyrgyzstan has offered a basket of incentives to fully facilitate Pakistani entrepreneurs and investors in joint ventures.

Ms Asel Begmatova, Head of External Relations Department of Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy and Commerce, presented these offers to Pak trade delegation led by Meher Kashif Younis, honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan in Pakistan. The delegation is on a two-week visit to Kyrgyzstan to study the scope of further strengthening bilateral trade and promotion of exports. Kyrgyzstan Trade House (KTH) President Dr Shahid Hassan was also present, according to Meher’s spokesperson here Sunday.

Briefing the Pakistani delegation, Ms Begmatova said that joint ventures would not only cater to Kyrgyz needs but also generate profits of investors with sovereign guarantees. She added, “Our welcoming stance towards Pakistani entrepreneurs and investors signifies a mutual desire to strengthen economic ties and foster bilateral cooperation by providing ample support and assistance, Kyrgyzstan aims to create an environment conducive to investment and business collaboration.” The emphasis on joint ventures underscores the importance of partnerships that leverage the strengths and resources of both nations, she remarked, citing that collaborative efforts between Pakistani and Kyrgyz businesses hold the potential to tap into diverse markets, capitalise on comparative advantages, and drive economic growth.

“Our assurance of facilitating investments in areas of choice reflects Kyrgyzstan’s recognition of the importance of encouraging investors especially from Pakistan to take full advantage of ample opportunities that align with their interests and expertise,” she maintained. By offering flexibility and support, Kyrgyzstan seeks to attract diverse investments that contribute to the country’s development while also benefiting investors, she added. Ms Begmatova said the emphasis on garnering profits underscores the pragmatic approach to attract investments that yield tangible returns. By prioritising profitability, Kyrgyzstan aims to create sustainable partnerships that endure beyond short-term gains and foster long-term economic prosperity.

Other Kyrgyz officials Takirov Urmat, Director Centre for Development and Promotion of Exports, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Tilek Zhumaliev, Head of the Export Promotion Department, Export Centre Asel Turgunbaeva, an expert of the department of international cooperation Ministry of Economy and Commerce also gave comprehensive presentations on various future projects and discussed in detail the prospects of several proposals. Leader of Pak trade delegation Meher Kashif Younis who is also President of Kyrgyzstan Trade House in Lahore, welcomed the goodwill gesture and said it underscores Kyrgyzstan’s commitment to foster a conducive environment for investment and business collaboration with Pakistan. Through open dialogue, support mechanisms, and a focus on mutual benefits, he said, both the countries stand to capitalise on the opportunities by joint ventures, thereby contributing to economic growth, job creation, and enhanced bilateral relations.

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