SCCI president condemns terrorist attack on Faisalabad business leader, calls for swift justice

Sialkot   -  The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) President, Abdul Ghafoor Malik, strongly condemned the recent heinous attack on Chaudhry Muhammad Shafiq Anjum, President of the Faisalabad Flour Mills Association, by Hamid Cheema, a Supervisor of the Punjab Food Department. The incident, described as an act of sheer terrorism, has sparked outrage within the business community.

In a statement, Malik expressed deep concern over the safety of individuals and the stability of society following this cowardly act of violence. He emphasised the importance of upholding transparency and integrity within governmental institutions and demanded immediate and stringent action from the Government of Punjab to address the matter. The facts, as revealed in the First Information Report (FIR) lodged with the police, indicate a deplorable motive behind the attack. It is deeply disturbing to learn that this act of aggression stemmed from an inquiry ordered against Hamid Cheema regarding reports of corruption pointed out by the Faisalabad Flour Mills Association. Retaliating against those who seek to uphold transparency and integrity within our governmental institutions is indeed disgraceful. Malik highlighted the crucial role of trade bodies like the Faisalabad Flour Mills Association in advocating for the interests of the business community and addressing irregularities within the system. He called for the perpetrators to be swiftly brought to justice and emphasised the need to restore confidence in the system. 

The employment of individuals with such a ‘sick mentality’ in key governmental positions raised serious questions about hiring processes and law enforcement competence, Malik noted. He urged authorities to send a clear message that such reprehensible actions would not be tolerated. In conclusion, Malik expressed solidarity with Chaudhry Muhammad Shafiq Anjum and his family, stressing that justice must prevail, and those responsible for the attack must be held to account without delay.

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