RAWALPINDI - During a special campaign against the flour and wheat smuggling, police have registered 307 cases and arrested 539 smugglers from Rawalpindi region. The police officials informed TheNation here on Thursday that police confiscated 92,568 bags of flour and 42,139 sacks of wheat during the campaign launched on the special directives of Regional Police Officer (RPO) Nasir Khan Durrani in Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal and Attock districts. During the anti-smuggling drive, total 98 cases were registered in Rawalpindi and police arrested 199 accused involved in the wheat and flour smuggling. They also seized 40,545 and 19,200 sacks of flour and wheat respectively. In Jhelum district, police registered 12 cases and arrested 16 accused while confiscated 3,848 bags of wheat and 1,603 flour bags. Similarly, Attock Police registered 169 cases and arrested 268 accused and recovered 35,406 bags and 18,124 sacks of wheat from the smugglers. Chakwal Police also registered 28 cases and arrested 56 accused while confiscated 12,769 flour bags and 3,212 wheat sacks during the drive. However, RPO Nasir Khan Durrani strictly directed the police of all the four districts to continue the drive against the smugglers and take stern legal action against them. He also warned that departmental action would be taken against police staffers if they found guilty in the smuggling.