There is need for Election Commission to come out with a clear and credible policy with regards to the candidates elected unopposed. In this context, the word 'elected' is a misnomer because the election does not take place. Before the election, the candidate is nominated unopposed and not elected. In order to be able to gain membership of the house, polling must take place even if a lone candidate is contesting the elections. For argument's sake, if the lone candidate doesn't poll any vote, will he still be considered elected? I think not. It is therefore, important that the process of polling must take place regardless of the number of candidates contesting the elections. If that is not done, what is the sanctity and credibility of the election date? Before the election date, and before the polling has actually taken place, the candidate is only a nominated candidate and nominated cannot be considered elected until and unless votes are cast in his favour. A nominated candidate who is not elected through election process is not legally elected to the house and therefore should not be considered qualified to take oath of membership of any house or to hold any office reserved for elected members. -MOHAMMAD AKRAM BHAUR, Lahore, via e-mail, July 14.