Prime Minister Gilani brushed aside the public impression that he was getting instructions from Zardari House to run the affairs of government. In the context of lackluster performance of the government however the perception is maintained. While Shaukat Aziz would always look at President Musharraf before even giving a smile, PM Gilani seeks permission of Zardari for taking the next breath. I, for one, do not subscribe to the view that Gilani is more powerful than his predecessor. He is working hard at doing some socializing (of the condoling kind) to increase his power base in the society. Look at how busy he has been lately. During the last ten days or so he has condoled the deaths of the mother of an ANP leader, brother of a former senator, brother and sister-in-law of deputy editor of a newspaper, father-in-law of former president of Jaranwala Bar Association, mother of a NWFP minister, mother of a former Sindh MPA, mother of Secretary NSC, sister of a political worker in Multan and that of a national poet. No mean job, as he did all this without seeking Mr. Zardari's permission. -HUSSAIN SIDDIQUI, Islamabad, via e-mail, July 15.