KARACHI - The educational standard of the government schools has once again been exposed by the results of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) PART II - Science Group Annual Examination 2008, declared by the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) on Thursday as private schools fetched all three top positions in the examinations. Girls have continued their remarkable performance in the examinations as per past practice by obtaining all top positions in the said examination. In the examination, two students, belonging to Sent Joseph's Convent Girls High School, including a daughter of Senator Babar Khan Ghori (MQM), have obtained first positions; three students got third positions. Sabas Alo D/o Aijaz Ali Soomro and Alishia Khan Ghori D/o Babar Khan Ghori have secured first position with 96.59 percentage. Mahwish Siddiqua D/o Asif Ali (Falcon House Grammar School), Sana Azmat D/o Syed Azmat Aziz (Karachi Public School) and Dur-e-Shahwar D/o Muhammad Aslam Qureshi (CAA Model School) procured second positions in by having 94.71 percentage; however, Sana Ashraf D/o Muhammad Ashraf (Federal Secondary School F B Area) obtained third position in the exams with 94.47 percentage. As per statistics of results, a total of 106746 candidates, including 60849 girls and 45897 girls, were registered in the examinations out of which 106113, including 60533 girls and 45580 boys appeared. As many as 45389 girls and 36303 boys out of total 81692 successful candidates declared to be passed in the examinations with 76.99 pass percentage. A total of 12284 candidates obtained 'A-One' grades, 20989 procured 'A' grades, 22864 got 'B' grades, 18004 fetched 'C' grades, 7030 achieved 'D' grades and 318 candidates attained 'E' grades in the examination. Speaking at a ceremony, organised by education journalists at Karachi Press Club to honour the positions holders in the examinations, the positions holders criticized over the existing examination system at the SSC level and said that that such system compel students not to understand the subject matter deeply as there was no importance for objective based examination papers in the system. They expressed their serious concern over the lake of scientific and research activities in the country and said termed the Urdu language key to progress as medium of instruction in the country. They pointed out that the difference between the curriculum of Cambridge and metric system should be vanished to improve the capability of students at this level. "Loadshedding has been remained main hindrance during and before the examinations, while underprivileged students suffer lot in this regard as they can't afford the expenditures of UPS, generator and other power generation means. Aggressiveness, condensed traffic and pollution are the most important social issues of the metropolis," they said. It is pertinent to mention here that the first positions holder, namely Alishia did not attend the ceremony due to her visit to abroad. It is worth mentioning that the BSEK once again did not organise a ceremony to honour the positions holders at the board a per past practice. Participants of the ceremony denounced the act of the board not to hold a ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, Senator of MQM, Babar Khan Ghori, who was also present at the occasion with his daughter, pointed out that the education had become a lucrative business in the country and private schools are making money on the said accounts. He congratulated the position holders. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest of the ceremony, Director Private Institutions Sindh Mansoob Siddiqui congratulated the topers and pointed out, "Some private schools show decline to obey the system, provided by the authorities concerned. The department will take stern action against 32 schools that were reluctant to issue salaries of June and July to their teachers. The action will be taken from August."