Recently Israel and France announced formation of a Mediterranean Union (MU). This is another move by Zionists to control the 43 or so countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The Zionists have already wrapped up all the independent European nations in the name of EU. Now they want an MU that will work in the same style as EU, each member becoming President of the union by turn. Israel will also become President on its turn. This club is nothing but a big carrot. A number of Islamic countries, some of them big oil producers, like Saudi Arabia and Libya, while others like Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, will join this club. This will pave the way for recognition of Israel by these Islamic member countries. The rules of this union will be made in such a way that oil-producing member countries will lose control of their oil. There are 57 Muslim countries with a population of 1.3 billion. Compare it with Israel, a country about 350 Km long and about 144 Km wide. But the Zionist state is controlling America and Europe and now will be controlling 43 more countries around the Mediterranean Sea on which most of the trade of gold and oil takes place. Why can't the Islamic countries make a union of their own? Why can't the oil-producing Islamic countries raise a fund by keeping aside 30 dollars per barrel per day to help non-oil producing Muslim countries confront the Zionist attack in the shape of rising oil prices? -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, July 15.