ISLAMABAD (APP) - To root out crime on Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway (M-1), National Highways and Motorway Police (NH&MP) would induct unmarked vehicles with armed police officials in plain-clothes, a source in Ministry of Communications told this news agency here Thursday.     Motorway Police is planning to introduce unmarked vehicles on the section to control crime, he said, adding despite the fact that NH&MP was responsible for enforcement of traffic rules and regulations within their jurisdiction, but as an added response to control criminal activities on the M-1, NH&MP would soon introduce unmarked vehicles with two armed policemen in each vehicle. Replying to a question regarding lack of Motorway Police patrolling teams on M-1, the source said that throughout the 4,000-kilometre jurisdiction area of the Motorway Police in Pakistan, every 10 to 13 kilometre-section was being patrolled by one vehicle and two officers. There are over 50 road breaches on the M-1 Motorway Police has already approached the National Highway Authority (NHA) for completion of fencing work on the Motorway. These broken fences enable criminals to flee after committing crimes.       He said there were so many cases registered in that area by travellers and therefore competent authority has decided to induct unmarked vehicles with police officials in plain clothes to control crime. He assured that by opting such measures the entire area would no more be insecure.     He demanded for allocation of more funds for NH&MP to cope with the crime.