ISLAMABAD - Weather became pleasant after the cold winds brought the mercury down on Thursday morning, followed by an hour-long shower of rain in different parts of the federal capital. For the past few days, the weather remained extremely hot and humid, which had, besides other troubles, given way to a number of seasonal diseases. Majority of the people, especially working men and women, remained complaining headache and exhaustiveness. However, the cold winds followed by torrential showers on Thursday brought the temperature down to a tolerable, rather pleasant, level. On the other hand, hour-long showers washed down layers of dust from trees, buildings and other physical structures in the city, which had turned gloomy because of the increasing pollution and dust. However, the rain cleaned the dust from the city's face and refreshed the green landscapes for which Islamabad is known and appreciated throughout the world. "I really enjoy the scene of green landscape stretched down the roadsides as seen through the back-view mirror", said a motorist while talking to TheNation. I feel while driving the car, he added, as if I am looking at some garden through the windowpane of my room. Residents of the city stormed various picnic places after the rain stopped and enjoyed the picnic much than ever, as a number of visitors told this scribe at Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa. Due to the prevalent heat in the city for the last few days, people were preferring to stay in home instead of going out on some picnic, as the picnic spots, too, remained as hot and humid as other parts of the city. But on Thursday, Daman-e-Koh experienced a level of rush that the roads leading to the green and serene tops remained jam-packed with vehicles. "It revitalises and boosts your energies after visiting a place like Pir Sohawa or Daman-e-Koh, especially in the weather conditions like today", said a visitor at Pir Sohawa, who was an employee in a public sector organisation.