Charles Lamb used to work in Indian Library office. Once his boss said: "Charles You always come late to office". "Sir You must have noticed that I also leave early", Lamb quipped. People's Party that was once projected as pro-poor man party has now virtually turned out to be anti-people party. In the last three and a half months PPP has been in office, it has further impoverished the poor man. It has won the dubious distinction of increasing for five times in four months the prices of petroleum products. All told the increase comes to Rs 30 per liter of petrol which had consequential whooping effects on general prices. The latest increase came into effect when oil prices in the international market decreased by 16 dollars per barrel. The common man describes the increase as petrol grenade grant of oil mafia Zardari government. Its first 100 days have been barren as regards the relief for the common man who is economically hard-pressed. According to the agriculture forum the fresh oil prices will burden the agriculture sector, the backbone of the national economy, by Rs 19 billion. The Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry has cautioned that the petrol price increase will raise the production costs of big and small industry. This will result in reduction in Pakistan export share in international market. Pakistan foreign exchange earnings will be adversely affected. Recently announced trade policy envisages opening up Pakistan as "mandi" for India products 10 year old ramshackle and rickety CNG buses will be imported from Indian to make lives of the country's commuters more miserable. Exports of jewellery and precious stones will help adorn Indian neighbours by abolishing export duty. The rulers have been making the citizens believe that begging bowl had been broken forever and no more IMF conditionalities. The poor man fears that persistent price increase of petroleum products may touch Rs 100 per litre of petrol mark to meet the demand of international lending agencies. More loans, more luxuries for the rulers. Nominal Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is reported to have had taken a hundred man heavy entourage for a D-8 meeting in Malaysia. From there he was summoned by real repository of official power Asif Ali Zardari for a meeting in Dubai.   The same planeload landed in Dubai and lodged in expensive hotels. All at public cost. Austerity in name is yet being publicly projected. Yousaf Raza Gilani is reported to have urged Pakistan embassy in Washington in a letter to "maintain austerity" during his visit. Hathi ke dant dikhani ke aur khane ke aur. All that glitters is not gold. Will Prime Minister advice be adhered? The press repots suggest that signs are there that it will not be implemented. As regards the size of the entourage, besides a host of ministers, secretaries, senior officials and politicians, there are media men. After all it is the media handlers that convince people that every foreign visit by a Pakistani ruler is a great success. Vis-a-vis the size of the entourage even Pervez Musharraf who had all the powers he needed to decide whom he wanted on the plane, never succeeded in taking less than 100 people on America yatra. And Prime Minister Gilani has to listen to others. The Information Ministry is reported to have had sent a list of 40 journalists who will be travelling with the Prime Minister. The embassy in Washington suggested that 40 were too many. The objection was leaked to the media to expose "the enemies of press freedom" as an article criticizing the move said. Who are "enemies of press freedom"? The embedded press travelling with Prime Minister as a tool for official media handlers to convince people that the visit is resounding success or independent media to objectively analyse all the events on their own? Each media and non-media member of the entourage will get the daily allowances. The government of Pakistan will also pay the hotel bills. And there will be a host of media minders who will also have to be paid. All from poor taxpayers money. In these circumstances who will bear with an independent judiciary? Justice Khalil Ur Rehman Ramday had headed 11-member bench that reinstated Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudary after he was illegally made dysfunctional by Pervez Musharraf on March 9, 2006. Now Ramday is one of the 60 judges who were deposed under mini-martial law by the then Chief of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf. On the first anniversary of reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, Justice Ramday declared the decision of July 20, 2007 as epoch-making that will have far-reaching effects for the nation. This is for the first time the people have taken to independent thinking, justice Ramday says. On a habeas corpus petition Islamabad High Court has gagged the father of unclear Pakistan on nuclear proliferation issues while allowing him a few physical facilities. The High Court judgement used the word 'detenu' for Dr A.Q Khan; thus admitting he was under illegal confinement. This had always been denied by the authorities. During the pendency of the case Ms Hendrina Khan in a letter to the court had disputed the court's claim that her husband was not under illegal detention and requested for his release, especially after he had been pardoned by the President. After the High Court judgement Dr A.Q Khan said he had neither given any anti-Pakistan in the past, nor he would do so in future. I will definitely clear my position, if any allegation is made against him in future," he emphatically said. 'Ghut ke mar jaon marzi mere sayyad ki hae' (my captor wills that I may die while remaining tight lipped) Who is who? This is for the people to probe