ERIC Smith is celebrating after spending the last six months completing the world's biggest jigsaw. The 73-year-old used 24,000-pieces to complete the huge 12ft by six puzzle, which now stands proudly in his garage. During the meticulous 179 day process furniture had to be moved out of rooms and a special table built just so Eric had enough room to construct the spectacular jigsaw. But after 537 hours the colourful creation - featuring fish, birds, mammals, planets and buildings - was finally completed by the devoted father of two, luckily with no pieces missing.    Eric, from Baddeley Green, Stoke-On-Trent, is believed to be one of just two people in the UK to have completed the giant brain teaser. He said: 'This is the nicest jigsaw I have ever done and I am really chuffed at how quick I have done it. 'I found all sorts of different animals as I went along and it is very colourful. It has about 10 or 12 different puzzles inside one giant puzzle, I was really pleased to complete it.   'You certainly couldn't take a photograph that big, so it's a very special picture and I keep finding new animals and things in it. 'I have enjoyed spending two or three hours a night on this one.'  Eric started doing the puzzles as a hobby about 30 years ago and has only ever lost three pieces of a jigsaw.   The biggest puzzle he had previously completed was 18,000 pieces but Eric says this was the most enjoyable. The retired sales manager, added: 'I just seem to have a knack of doing jigsaw's really well,I can't walk past one without finding a couple of pieces and putting them in. 'I can do little ones so quickly that I'd be getting through one a week. As soon as I see a new big one out, I have got to get it. - Daily MAIL 'I have done a number of jigsaws from 10,000 pieces upwards in the past but this is the biggest in the world.' Eric is now thinking of donating the jigsaw to a new hospital that is being built in North Staffordshire but is still open to suggestions from charities who might want it.    He is looking forward to his next challenge and can't wait for a bigger one to come out. His wife Marion, aged 76, admits she hasn't got the knack for jigsaws but enjoys seeing them completed. She said: I would rather do a crossword or embroidery but if it keeps him happy I don't mind him doing it. 'I love to see them when they are finished, they're always so colourful. 'Everyone thinks it is marvellous how he does it, because it takes a lot of patience. 'However, it does keep him up late at night if he is engrossed in it. It can be 2am when he comes to bed sometimes.' Royce B. McClure, the jigsaws designer, said on his website: 'The challenge for me in a puzzle of this huge size was to eliminate large areas where no changes take place.   'This, of course, means the puzzle will look quite 'noisy' when shrunk down on the box or in a brochure.    'I hope that the puzzlers who accept the challenge to do this puzzle understand that if the art looks perfectly pleasing in a small size, then it will drive you mad with boredom when blown up to a huge size then cut up into small single coloured pieces. 'The puzzle comes in four packets, breaking the art up into four vertical sections that join together to make 'Life'.    'I have tried to make each section different enough from the other sections so that you won't feel that you are doing the same puzzle over and over.'