Under the safe city plan 10,000 cameras will be installed: IGP Sindh

KARACHI: On Monday 31st July , The Inspector General of Sindh Police, A.D. Khowaja expressed his hope about the safe city project would soon be underway. He said that various companies and consultants were contacted to install 10,000 cameras in Karachi under this project.

The IG spoke at a ceremony held to hand over 45 Toyota pick-ups among the investigation wing of police at the police headquarters in Garden. Upon talking to journalists after the ceremony, IG Khowaja said that all possible measures were being taken to ensure the enhanced capacity of the police force.

He further said that in the coming October a forensic lab would be set up and soon it would be made available to other areas of the province.

He ensured that utmost efforts were being made to ensure that investigations would be conducted along scientific lines. He acclaimed the use of modern scientific equipment in the investigative processes and said that they would improve the process efficiency manifold and help catch culprits faster.

The Sindh IG affirmed the importance of the investigative department by calling it the backbone of the police force. He stressed on the significance of sound investigations paving the way for peacekeeping in society. He said that when the accused is successfully convicted not only the performance of the police is enhanced but their confidence is also fortified.

A.D Khowaja informed the press that to build up the capability of the police department weapons such as pistols and SMGs were being bought from the Pakistan Ordnance Factory in Wah.

The IG said that since Karachi was a megacity and the situation is dire, a SMG is preferred to a pistol. He further told that as compared to the past when the police only had 3000 pistols, the procurement of around 12000 pistols was a huge step forward.

IG also said that not only weapons but also 10000 bullet proof jackets would be purchased. Previously the police only had 18000 such jackets.

The IGP stressed that the responsibility for the implementation of a standard operating procedure (SOP) to ensure prevention of attacks on the police lies with the SHO’s and DSP’s.

He said that 108 new police vehicles would be provided, one per police station.

The IG evaded questions from the journalists regarding his ‘scuffle’ with the provincial government and the curtailment of his powers. He commented that he was just doing his job that was to rein in crimes and improve the security situation of the city.

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