One Window Ehsaas Policy to ensure services delivery through a single window, says Sania

ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection, Dr. Sa­niaNishtar Saturday said, One Window Ehsaas Policy, approved by Prime Minister Imran Khan, will ensure delivery of services to marginalized segments of so­ciety through a single window, a one-stop shop. The overarch­ing Ehsaas Strategy stipulated the creation of “One-Window Ehsaas” (Policy # 4) to enable de­livery of the multiple Ehsaas pro­grams through a single window, and to address issues in social protection programs. The policy entails six sets of actions: firstly, a One Stop Shop, the Ehsaas Physical Center; secondly, back office digital interface; thirdly, a public facing digital information and services platform; the fourth component is a mobile app; the fifth component is the integrated database; and finally, the Ehsaas One-Window Beneficiary Selec­tion and Targeting Policy. 

According to an official state­ment, collectively, the six pil­lars of One Window policy will increase cohesiveness and co­ordination across the different programmes offered by differ­ent implementing organizations and will improve beneficiary experience. While physical one window centers, e-portal and app will enable beneficiaries to better access welfare services, cross-organizational data shar­ing, and a standard beneficiary identification methodology will allow for better visibility, and ef­ficient and transparent targeting. Lastly, removing program over­laps will allow to expand access to services through re-allocation of resources to previously non targeted populations. 

Part of the policy, the One Win­dow Physical Ehsaas Centers will be a one-stop-shop to integrate all Ehsaas programs under one roof. The Centers will allow ben­eficiaries to get information on all Ehsaas benefits and services available to them in one space. 

The first prototype has re­cently been opened in Sitara market, Islamabad. One Win­dow Physical Centers of Ehsaas will be opened in all 154 dis­tricts. The second part is the integrated back office digital in­terface, which will facilitate ac­cess of all those working in the Ehsaas ecosystem to appropri­ate links and resources.

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