Peshawar - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police through a comprehensive plan finalised security and decided to deploy more than 11500 policemen to perform their duties for a peaceful Muharram-ul-Haram, said SSP Operations Kashif Aftab Abbasi while talking to media here on Sunday.

He said steps had been taken by the security personnel to ensure a peaceful Muharram all across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sharing the details of the plan, he said, more than eleven thousand police officers and officials would perform security duties.

He said, a total of 62 imambargahs and all masajids in the city had been provided with fool-proof security with a total of 116 large and small processions would be organised for which adequate security measures had been taken.

“All imambargahs, important and sensitive places including sensitive places have been monitored through CCTV cameras and it is decided to check and re-check the CCTV cameras to ensure and avoid any untoward incident,” he informed.

SSP Operations said that the police had also established a Supreme Command Post at Kohati Gate and that would be enter-linked with other sub-command posts established at six other different locations within the city. It was also decided and instructions in this connection had been passed on, to provide three-layer security for majalis, processions and other mourning ceremonies, he added.

He said, “All mourners will be escorted through a three-layer security fence and skilled snipers are posted on all high rise buildings while the process of checking at the entry and exit points of the city is more strict with strict monitoring of people entering the city has already been started.”

Instructions had also been issued to the concerned policemen to check the data of people staying in inns, guest houses and hotels in the city while closely monitoring them.

Monitoring of all imambargahs, processions, congregations and other important and sensitive places is ongoing with around 150 closed circuit cameras have been installed at different places in the city.

Monitoring process started in the Supreme Command Post Kohati Gate, Police Station East, Police Station Khan Raziq Shaheed, Police Station Gharbi and Police Station Gulbahar, he disclosed. He said this year, in the light of renewed security audit, additional personnel have been deployed at gun posts and plugging points with armoured vehicles present at important and sensitive locations.

He said, “Officials of the district administration and officials from other institutions will be present at the command post all the time and they are actively working for the peaceful conduct of Muharram. SSP Operations Kashif Aftab Abbasi said, “We have established special coordination with all stakeholders to ensure peace during Muharram.”