Lahore police continue action against most-wanted criminals, fugitives

LAHORE:  -  Lahore Police apprehended 11,256 most-wanted crimi­nals, 24,818 court fugitives, and 10,990 ordinary crimi­nals during this year. In a re­cent statement, Lahore’s Chief Police Officer (CPO), Bilal Sid­dique Kamyana, disclosed the division-wise breakdown of the arrests. In Cantonment Division, 2,511 wanted criminals, 4,307 court fugitives, and 2,570 ordi­nary criminals were taken into custody. Civil Lines Division ar­rested 1,110 wanted criminals, 2,259 court fugitives, and 1,136 habitual offenders. Similarly, City Division accounted for the arrest of 2,265 most-wanted criminals, 5,769 court fugitives, and 2,693 ordinary criminals. Iqbal Town Division witnessed the apprehen­sion of 1,346 wanted criminals, 3,288 court fugitives, and 1,582 ha­bitual criminals. President Division reported 1,993 wanted criminals, 4,070 court fugitives, and 1,627 habitual offenders captured. Ad­ditionally, Model Town Division arrested 2,031 wanted criminals, 5,125 court fugitives, and 1,382 ordinary criminals.


Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) Chairperson Sarah Ahmad said on Monday that child domestic labour was currently a crucial issue and re­quires effective legislation to be declared illegal. She was speak­ing at a consultative session, organised by the CPWB and a non-government organisation (NGO), Search for Justice, here to propose reforms regarding legislation to declare child do­mestic labour as illegal.

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