Police slaps more charges against judge’s wife for torturing house maid Rizwana

Islamabad  -  Humak police on Monday slapped charges of attempted murder, punishment of shajjah, punishment for itlafi- udw and cruelty against the wife a judge who placed a 12-year old poor housemaid under severe torture at her house located in a private housing society along with GT Road last week.

The wife of civil judge Chaudhry Asim Hafeez identified as Somia Asim was accused of breaking ribs, teeth and injuring other body parts including skull of a poor housemaid namely Rizwana while detaining her in a room illegally.

Earlier, police had registered a case against Somia under sections 506/342 of Pakistani Penal Code (PPC) on complaint of Manga Khan, the father of the victim, triggered a storm of criticism against police and the government.

The latest twist in the case came after the medical board of doctors examined the girl carefully and suggested police to ensure a strong charge sheet against the accused.

The investigators of Humak Police Station, following directions of Inspector General of Police Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan and SP Legal, inserted more sections in the FIR in the light of medico legal report issued by the doctors after examining the victim girl.

According to a senior police officer, who is part of investigation team, the girl was too young to tolerate the inhuman torture. She was employed by Somia as maid against Rs10000 monthly wage.

The female landlord fractured almost each and every bone of her body besides developing deep cuts in her head with some sharp weapon while keeping her in illegal confinement in her house, he said.

This is why police added some new charges including attempted murder charge to the FIR. The accused was then booked under PPC sections 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) and 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement).

Now police investigators, he said, also slapped in FIR sections 324 (attempted murder); 328A (Cruelty to a Child) is of direct relevance to PHP, provisioning the punishment of “whoever wilfully assaults, ill-treats, neglects, abandons or does an act” that results in harm or potential harm of a child; 337-A (Punishment of shajjah: Whoever, by doing any act with the intention of thereby causing hurt to any person, or with the knowledge that he is likely thereby to cause hurt to any person.

Whoever by doing any act with the intention of thereby causing hurt to any person, or with the knowledge that he is likely thereby to cause hurt to any person causes Itlaf-i-udw of any person, shall, in consultation with the authorised medical officer, be punished with qisas, and if the qisas is not executable keeping in view the principles of equality in accordance with the Injunctions of Islam, the offender shall be liable to arsh and may also be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years as ta’zir.

He said that the law will take its course without any fear and indiscrimination.

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