The 5 Love Languages: one book you should read before getting married

For some people compliments mean a lot because we never know if our encouraging words mean the world to them

Many people wonder, what happens to the love after you get married? This is the eminent question and the content of the book 'The 5 Love Languages' revolving around this very core question.

There are five ways that people speak and understand love. We name it love language and then this love language has a few dialects. Everyone has his own primary love language among these five. You will get the whole new level of understanding after reading this book. People think everyone has the same tendency to show and absorb love, having the same love language what they have; this is the biggest misconception and this book highlights this misconception. On the contrary, what we feel others may feel it differently.

Gary Chapman an American author conducts marriage counseling and lead marriage, family, and relationships enrichment seminars. 'The 5 Love Languages' is his all-time most recommended book which has sold over 10 million copies, translated into 49 different languages and rated among top 100 sellers on Amazon.

The quality of our life is mainly determined by the quality of our relationships. The stronger the relationship is the better the life will be. If we don’t understand the language other is speaking we have a hard time communicating, similarly, if we don’t understand our spouse’s emotional love language, we have a hard time in building long-lasting relationship.

The first step is to identify and learn to speak your spouse’s primary love language. This is the key for long-lasting and peaceful marriage. Some people try to fulfill every wish of their spouse, but still find them completely unhappy. The reason behind this is, they fail to understand each other or they may never have thought about it the other way around. We can save our relationship if we can decode other person’s love language. Material things cannot fulfill ones desire for emotional love. As for some people compliments mean a lot because we never know if our encouraging words mean the world to them.

Sometimes we come across people who have a lot of problems and complain about so many things, actually, they do not ask for the solution, instead they just want us to listen to them and to be there for them; they only want support and a shoulder to rely upon, which acts as a medicine. For these kind of people the love language is ‘quality time’ among those five which have the dialect ‘quality conversation’. Similarly, for some people forgetting the birthdays or anniversary is a disaster but for some, it’s just an ordinary date.

The growing divorce rate in the world is indicating that thousands of couples are living their life with empty emotional love tank or speaking wrong love language. This is the kind of book every married couple should read and it should be given as a gift to every couple on getting married, it will have a great impact on their marital life.

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