Mini Zoo makeover

I am writing to express deep con­cern about the distressing con­ditions observed at mini zoos in Karachi. During a recent vis­it, I was disheartened to witness cramped living conditions for ani­mals, compromising their well-be­ing. The lack of proper shelter is causing undue stress, and visitors, including children, are visibly wit­nessing these conditions.

Moreover, the limited veterinary care and insufficient attention to the animals’ health and nutrition are alarming. It is our moral re­sponsibility to ensure these voice­less creatures are treated with dignity and provided with an envi­ronment favourable to their physi­cal and mental well-being.

I urge the authorities to prioritise animal welfare in Karachi’s mini zoos and take immediate action to address the following issues:

1. Conduct a thorough assess­ment of living conditions and health, implementing measures to improve enclosure sizes.

2. Ensure regular veterinary checkups and proper nutrition for all animals.

3. Explore educational initia­tives like informative signage, guided tours, or programs to en­hance public awareness.

4. Collaborate with reputable animal welfare organisations to improve conditions.

5. Consider alternatives to tradi­tional zoos, such as wildlife sanc­tuaries that prioritise rehabilita­tion over exhibition.

6. Implement legal reforms to strengthen animal welfare laws and penalties for violations, ensur­ing better protection for animals.

It is crucial for our communi­ty to advocate for the welfare of these voiceless beings. Let us work together to transform mini zoos into places where animals can thrive in a humane and en­riching environment.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt