Nawaz himself to interviews candidates for tickets: PML-N

LAHORE  -  A day following his exoneration in the Avenfield reference case, former Prime Minister and PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif visited the central secretariat of the party on Thursday and engaged in extensive discussions with party president Shehbaz Sharif regarding election-matters.

The two leaders also reviewed the current electoral situation and matters pertinent to the upcoming elections. Party sources revealed that the expected selection of candidates through parliamentary boards was a focal point of their meeting. During the meeting, Shehbaz Sharif extended congratulations to Nawaz Sharif for his acquittal in the Avenfield case, embracing his elder brother and conveying good wishes.

The PML-N Punjab president Rana Sanaullah later informed the media that the meeting had outlined the agenda for the forthcoming parliamentary board meetings and selection of candidates. He further disclosed that Nawaz Sharif would personally meet each candidate in the parliamentary board sessions of every division to make a final selection.

Highlighting the process, he mentioned that the names of party candidates for the upcoming elections would be announced at the conclusion of each parliamentary board meeting in every division.

Responding to inquiries, Rana Sanaullah expressed disappointment over the reports about delayed elections despite Chief Justice Qazi Faez Esa’s decisive decision on the election date, which had gained consensus from all stakeholders. He emphasized the PML-N’s full readiness to participate in the February 8 elections.

Addressing concerns about the disqualification period of Mian Nawaz Sharif, he noted that, according to the existing law, the maximum period of disqualification for elections was five years. He pointed out that this law had not been challenged, and no suo moto notice had been taken by the court. He argued that Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification had ended according to this law.

Rana Sanaullah further contended that Imran Khan was now being compelled to relinquish party chairmanship under the same decision that had stripped Nawaz Sharif of the party presidency.

Regarding the Al-Azizia reference, he labeled it a fraudulent case with a decision against the late Judge Malik Arshad. He predicted that this case would conclude within two days.

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