Seminar on ‘Pollution Free, Environment-Friendly Homes and Challenges’ held

HYDERABAD - The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro and representative of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Professor Dr. Aneel Kumar has said that we are crying today by destroying the earth’s environment in the name of development and it was the engineers who in the race of development went against the natural system and environment and got busy in the construction of houses, buildings and roads, but today as a result we are facing floods and natural disasters every year.  He said this while addressing a one-day seminar organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, in collaboration with United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), titled “Pollution Free, Environment-Friendly Homes and Challenges” held in the auditorium of the water research center. Highlighting the damage caused by the cutting of mountains and the cement industry to ecology, he mentioned that rectifying this might now be an arduous task, however, minimizing further harm is plausible.  Therefore, adopting environment-friendly policies in construction and infrastructural development was imperative, he added.   He stated that there was a need for formulating new eco-friendly policies at the government level and urged young engineers to comprehend contemporary challenges and construct environment-sustainable houses under the United Nations guidelines.  

Architect Babar Mumtaz and Engineer Dr. Shoaib Ahmed, associated with UNOPS reiterated that every couple of years, Pakistan faces natural disasters like floods, significantly impacting millions of households, as also witnessed in Sindh last year. Hence, the current objective is to build environment-friendly hoses to reduce damages in case of such calamities.  They emphasized the joint efforts of academia, young engineers, civil societies and environmentalists in tackling this challenge, which is also a priority in the United Nations’ agendas. They further stressed the necessity for deep collaboration between young engineers and the industry.

Dr Rizwan Ali Memon, the conference chair and dean of faculty, expressed that the primary aim of today’s seminar is to bring together all relevant experts to devise policies and practical wisdom to mitigate the negative and destructive impacts of environmental changes.  Chairman of the Department of civil engineering, Khalifa Qasim Laghari also presented his recommendations on the occasion.


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