Stress unleashed

Work-related stress is a grow­ing problem around the globe, particularly in developing countries. Prolonged stress leads to a lack of productivity and con­tributes to various psychological and social problems. Approximate­ly 75% of Pakistanis, especially youngsters, experience a lack of in­terest in their work due to stress. It is also one of the reasons for the surge in migration to other nations, with about 225,000 individuals leaving the country in 2022, which is three times that of 2021. 

One of the main causes of work-related stress is the ongoing infla­tion and instability in the country, which has accelerated stress in the workplace. Long working hours, an unsafe environment, and low wag­es are the most common factors contributing to work-related stress in Pakistan. In this already unstable country, employees must be given more opportunities and relaxation to enhance productivity and happi­ness. Some ways to manage work-related stress include reducing working hours, ensuring fair wag­es, hiring trained workers, and in­troducing stress-managing policies.



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