Youth in trouble!

According to media reports, due to the uncertain situation of the country, more than three hundred mega cases of corruption have been buried in the files. To strengthen the country economically, it is necessary to eliminate corruption and this is not possible until a government free from corrupt people comes to power. Corruption has become a scourge that has hollowed out the roots of the country. Corruption of five thousand billion rupees is happening in Pakistan, which is the biggest obstacle in the way of the country’s development. PTI and PDM have made many claims, but these governments have been busy defending their own thieves. The bigger the thief, the more corrupt and the more corrupt he gets in the higher positions due to his influence. This chain of theft in the country should be stopped. The place for corrupt people is not assemblies but prisons and such people should be disqualified forever. There is a need to strengthen the institutions that will be formed for the elimination of corruption, to free them from all kinds of political and non-political influences. No government can eradicate corruption until the anti-corruption institutions are strong. It has been the tragedy of the country and the nation that whichever party established the government in Pakistan has used law enforcement agencies including NAB to suppress political opponents and this process is still ongoing. Strict action should be taken against those involved in this scam.
This time, the people reject the thieves, thieves and corrupt people in the elections and give a chance to the patriotic leadership who knows how to work for the welfare of the country in the true sense. It is not a wise decision to try the tried again and again. Pakistan cannot afford continuous experiments our neighboring countries have gone ahead of us and Pakistan’s journey of development is going backward instead of forward. Doubts are being raised about the general elections in the country. Pakistan is already mired in problems, talks of postponing elections are incomprehensible and will create uncertainty within the country. The nation is unfortunate to see that on the one hand the country is suffering from severe economic crisis. People are groaning under the Himalayan mountain of inflation. The prices of electricity, gas and petrol are increasing every month. The whole nation is on one side while the government officials, a handful of elites and the ruling group are on the other side, which can be proven by the fact that Deputy Chairman NAB Sohail Nasir has 15 lakhs. Rs. 16 lakh 58 thousand salary and perks have been approved for Prosecutor General NAB Syed Ehtsham Shah. According to media sources, Deputy Chairman NAB will get 500 liters of petrol, electricity, gas and other allowances equivalent to a High Court judge, while Prosecutor General NAB will get 600 liters of petrol, a vehicle with driver, electricity, gas and other allowances equivalent to a Supreme Court judge. While Deputy Chairman NAB and Prosecutor General NAB will also get bonus on recovery. Every year, highly educated youth are leaving Pakistan because of the situation in the country. We have to change our priorities to make Pakistan great.
Fortunately, Pakistan is among the 15 countries in the world where more than half of the population consists of young people. 68 percent of the total population of the country is under the age of 30, while 32 percent of them are over 15. They are between the ages of 20 and 20. Opportunities for healthy entertainment are not available for the youth. He said that when the youth sincerely work and struggle for their country and nation, positive change, development and improvement can be achieved. Can’t stop.

The writer is a Deputy Secretary Information of Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab and Chairman D Nine Media Forum Pakistan.

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