3,000 people killed in Karachi in 2013

KARACHI  - Despite the claims about arresting over 11,000 criminals in targeted operation, security agencies were unable to stop the proportional increase in terrorism where some 3,000 people were killed in the worst ever year of City’s history.
The reported statistics pinpointed the loss of 2,400 precious lives in 2012. In 2013, some 3,000 people have been killed out of which 2,752 people were killed in violence.
Security agencies claimed to have arrested over 11,000 criminals in intelligence-based targeted operation since September 5, 2013. It is worth mentioning here that the Lyari gangsters have contributed over 50 percent in total killing. The gangsters were united under the cover of People’s Ammn Committee. The PAC divided into two gangs which gives boost to the continuous gun battle in the area.
Sectarian killing was continued in the year in which at least 292 people lost their lives. People affiliated with Shia sect and workers and supporters of defunct Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), renamed with Ahle-Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ), had been killed on sectarian grounds throughout the year. The ASWJ claimed at least 70 workers and 80 sympathisers of Deoband school of thought have so far been killed this year while Shaheed foundation revealed that some 142 people were killed in blasts targeting the Shias. The statistics proved it was the worst year for sectarian killing after mid 90s sectarian wave.
On the other side, killing of political workers was also continued in the City which claimed hundreds of lives across the City. As many as 139 workers of MQM, 37 of ANP, 26 of PPP, 17 of Sunni Tehreek, five of MQM-H, six of Muslim League workers and one of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf were killed. District West was proven the second largest part of the City where crime rate remained high and people, including the workers affiliated with ANP and MQM were targeted in numerous attacks.
The personnel of security forces, including police, rangers and even Army men were also killed.
The police statistics of martyred cops proved it was the highest loss of police department in Karachi Police’s history. In 2012, 143 cops were killed, 87 in 2011 and 24 in 2010.

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