The Sindh High Court on Saturday granted protective bail to former D.G. FIA Bashir Memon and directed him to submit Rs 50,000 surety bond.

Former DG-FIA had filed petition for protective bail in the high court. Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Director FIA Lahore were made party in the petition.

The FIA has summoned the former D.G. to Lahore for questioning over removal of the name of an accused from the Interpol Red Notice, the investigation agency said.

The FIA has informed the court that Bashir Memon facing scores of charges including money laundering. The former DG will be questioned about the nature of his relations with accused Umar Farooq, how old are their relations and the number of their private meetings, according to the FIA.

Memon has been accused of facilitation in removal of Umar Farooq’s name from the Interpol’s red notice, FIA said. Farooq has been wanted to scores of countries including Switzerland, Norway, Turkey etc, FIA said.

“The FIA is demanding documents, which are not in my possession,” Bashir Memon said in his petition. “The Interpol has its own procedure for removal of a name from the red notice,” he said. “Leveling allegation of removing the name of an accused from the red notice is ignorance from the law,” he further said.

Former D.G. pleaded to the court for approval of protective bail for four weeks so as he could contact the Lahore court.