Pakistan Movement Museum: Lack of exhibits

ISLAMABAD - Despite possessing an entire building of Pakistan Movement Museum (PMM) since the last one-year, the concerned authorities have failed to open it for general public, as it has nothing much to display. The Pakistan Movement Museum (PMM) has been established next to Pakistan Monument under presidential directives. The museum was constructed with a view to emphasize the Freedom Movement and the role of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and other stalwarts of the movement. At the time of approval several decisions were made regarding Pakistan Movement Museum. It was decided that the museum would have distinct identity and depict the struggle, socio-political history and the rationale behind all the events leading to the birth of an independent country.  The ministry of culture was given a task of planning and executing the project. . The name of Uxi Mufti, chief executive of Lok Virsa, Mufti was also nominated as project director. The themes of the museum includes Birth of Pakistan, dream and realisation, history and continuity, the impact of Islam, religion and society, population and habitat, language and communication, oral traditions and literary, tradition and change, culture, social issues and economy, science and technology, education, discovery and invention and future vision and aspirations. "Yes construction work had been completed since last one year but now we are in phase of collection", when contacted Uxi Mufti, Project Director of PMM informed. He further maintained that collections of antique leads the way for the establishment of museums, which is not easy task for any one, we are trying our best for gathering unique pieces from different people. Although 23rd March 2009 would be the last date for inaugurating Pakistan Movement Museum yet we are trying to inaugurate it in October", he further added.   He said that the museum would have exclusive exhibits and it would not only pay homage to the great heroes of Pakistan but also project the culture of a nation.

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