10pc Pakistanis suffering from diabetes: Experts

Wah Cantt - One out of ten persons in Pakistan have diabetes. This was stated by speakers including dialecticians and endocrinologists at awareness seminar on “diabetes management at POF hotel Wah Cantt on Tuesday. The seminar was organized by the Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians Taxila chapter with collaboration with Martin Dow Pharma to create awareness among general public, families with potential risk of diabetes, diabetes patients, health practitioners of public and private sector hospitals.
Medical experts have said that the unbalanced diet, including exercise routines less walk and sleeping after eating meal are the main causes of diabetes.
They explained that diabetes, which occurs when the level of glucose in the body rises and the body either stops producing insulin or produces insufficient amounts, has three types - type I, type II and gestational diabetes mellitus.
They revealed that all over the world including Pakistan 90 per cent of sugar patients suffer type II diabetes, while 10 per cent diabetes patients suffer from type I diabetes. “There are 382 million people living with diabetes worldwide. By 2035,592 million people or one person in ten will have this disease,” he said, adding that, “A further 316 million people are currently at high risk of development Type-2 diabetes. “These facts and figures reiterate the importance of urgent action,” they unveiled.
Dr Khawar Bashir, Consultant Vascular Physician and Specialist in Bio-Oxidative Medicine, while speaking on this occasion has said that diabetes is a chronic, debilitating and costly disease. He further said Type 1 diabetes could not be prevented by most cases of Type 2 diabetes is preventable and serious complications of diabetes can be avoided through healthy lifestyle and living environments. He said that the treatment of patients with type II diabetes mellitus includes education, with emphasis on lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and weight reduction when appropriate.
In his address Dr Jehangir Anjum, senior consultant at Margalla hospital has said, “We can cure from diabetes if we want live healthy life with our family. We have to cut down the use of fast food and cold drinks, which are main cause of sugar because this is not balanced diet. If we didn’t take care of our diet it increases the chance of increased sugar level in our blood.” “Now days this is very common disease in people we have to cure with eating balanced diet.
Speaking to the participants Dr Syed Asad Ali President Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians local chapter has said that around 120,000 people lose the battle against diabetes in Pakistan every year.” Speaking on topic ranging from the nutrition pattern for diabetic patients to the management and prevention of the disease, he added that it was caused by obesity, genetics, lack of physical activity or simply when the body failed to make enough insulin or when sugar levels weren’t controlled. “Gastric surgery helps in reducing weight and can help to manage diabetes,” said Dr Asad, discussing how overweight people could prevent the disease. “It can be managed by proper medicine, diet and exercise but going to the doctor is imperative, since different people have different base sugar levels.”
Dr Ellahi Bukhsh Awan, CEO Alam hospital in his concluding address has called for optimal nutrition and healthy life style as weight management is also imperative.
About the massive complaint of diabetes these days, he said this disease could be successfully managed through diet, exercise and medication. Diabetes if properly managed does not affect your occupation, daily routine, exercise and sports as through a better life style, people can overcome chronic diseases such as cardiovascular. He added.

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