Senate body seeks details of civil servants having dual citizenship

ISLAMABAD - Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat on Thursday directed the Establishment Division to provide details of all those civil servants having dual citizenships and come under the ambit of the Cabinet and Establishment Division.

It also sought details about such civil servants in Law and Justice and Defence Ministry. The meeting of the committee was held here at the Parliament House. Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad chaired the meeting. Senators Saifullah Sarwar Khan Niazee, Kamil Ali Agha, Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti, Khalida Ateeb, Moula Bux Chandio, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Eng Rukhsana Zuberi, Naseebullah Bazai participated in the meeting while Senator Afnanullah showed up as a mover. Secretary Establishment Division, Chairman PTDC and other relevant officials were also in attendance.

‘The Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill, 2022’ moved by Senator Afnanullah Khan was discussed at length. The officials informed that the word ‘bureaucrats’ in the bill will create confusion and misunderstanding and should be removed. It was informed that no new induction, except from Kashmir in civil services, will take place unless the dual citizen surrenders one citizenship. The former-PM had suggested terminating those civil servants from services who do not quit one citizenship within six months. The committee decided to deliberate in the next meeting, on the suggestion put forward by the former-PM. After a fruitful discussion on the bill, the committee deferred consideration of the bill till the next meeting.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan suggested confining civil servants from leaving the country after their retirement when getting dual citizenship. The country invests in these civil servants and they flee the country after their retirement with their family, it is a matter that should be looked upon, said the chairman. The chair asked the mover of the bill, Senator Afnanullah to work on the matter within the existing bill and present it before the committee.

A presentation was given by the chairman Pakistan Tourism Department Corporation (PTDC) which was declared inadequate. While briefing the committee, the chairman PTDC while giving details of PTDC properties and their HR and other liabilities to be transferred, said that 19 properties exist in KP having a market value of Rs4699.342 million with total HR liabilities of Rs243,950 million, 7 properties in Sindh having a market value of Rs941.808 million with total HR liabilities of Rs27.588 million, 6 properties in Punjab having a market value of Rs805.100 million with a total HR liability of Rs156.530 million and 5 properties in Balochistan having a market value of Rs721.429 million with a total liability of Rs8.759 million. The data and calculations provided by the PTDC irked the Senate body and decided to draft TORs pertaining to the matters of PTDC that will be laid in the House, before regulating an inquiry against the PTDC. They will be held accountable if found culpable, said the chairman.

The committee also unanimously ratified Senator Sarfaraz Bugti as a member of the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Council, against the seat vacated due to the death of Senator Dr Sikandar Mandhro. Discussion also took place on public petition PP-3745 pertaining to PTDC, submitted by Malik Muhammad Khan, chairman MK Pakistan. In the matter which is related to the transfer of 172 acres of land at Gaddani Beach, Balochistan to MK Pakistan, the committee reached its conclusion that the petitioner, as well as the government, have suffered owing to the bureaucratic lethargy and indecision. Therefore, the right of the petitioner is to be recognised hence this petition is allowed by the special standing committee of the cabinet secretariat. The PTDC management was directed to receive the payment of land from the petitioner as per the bid accepted and recommended by the PTDC Board. The PTDC management is directed to immediately transfer the land to the petitioner after payment of the cost of land as per the schedule of payment agreed upon between the PTDC and the petitioner, the committee concluded and disposed of the matter.

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