Power outages causing water shortage in Hyderabad; HWSBC

HYDERABAD  -   The Hyderabad Water and Sewerage Board Corporation (HWSBC) has said that pro­longed power outages were causing the water shortage in many parts of Hyderabad, as the agency’s filtration plants and pumping stations were af­fected by the power outages.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, the Corporation’s spokesman lamented that the officials of HWSBC had re­quested the officials of Hyder­abad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) to resolve the issue of extensive load shedding and un­scheduled outages. He acknowl­edged that during the prevail­ing hot and humid weather, the Board could not ensure uninter­rupted supply of water because of the outages. According to him, three water filtration plants were being supplied electricity through two alternate feeders but the outages occurring dur­ing the same hours had turned the dual supply useless. The spokesman reiterated that once the water shortage was cre­ated in the city, it took HWSBC from 2 to 3 days to restore the normal supply. However, he deplored, the ongoing outages were not allowing the corpora­tion to restore the normal sup­ply even after 3 days.

He recalled that HESCO had announced an extended out­age on the 11 KV New Shahbaz and Bhitai Feeders for June 29 from 6 am to 12 noon. But, he told, the supply was resumed after 8 hours by 2 pm on both the feeders which powered their filtration plants.