Govt seeks Pak citizen’s release from Indian jail

ISLAMABAD  -    Pakistan has approached Indian Ministry of external affairs for early release of Pakistani citizen Mohammad Waris from Indian illegal custody. Waris has been in Indian captivity since 2000.

Highly informed sources told The Nation that Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has sent a letter to Indian Ministry of external affairs for playing its role in early release of Waris.

Mohammad Waris (70 years) and considered as senior citizen went to India to meet his friend in early 1999 however his connection with the family was disconnected  after few months  and  in 2000 he was arrested on the baseless charges of his connections with terrorist organisation Jaish Mohammad.

An Indian court sentenced him to life imprisonment and he was put in the prison from where he informed his family in Pakistan by sending a letter.

Pakistani officials have refuted Indian media reports that Pakistan disowned him which was why he could not be deported to Pakistan. In background information Pakistani diplomats in New Delhi told The Nation that Indian Ministry of external affairs has record and a letter from Pakistani government which recognises Mohammad Waris as Pakistani citizen.

The annual list of prisoners which is exchanged twice between Pakistan and India shows Mohammad Waris as under trial prisoner.

Pakistan came to know about Mohammad Waris in 2005 and recognised him as Pakistani citizen.

He was set free by Illah Abad High Court in 2019 on the ground that charges of terrorism and his connection with Jaish Mohammad had no evidence, therefore he was freed. He is currently kept in a police station in Shamili district of Uttar Pradesh state of India after his release from prison in 2019.

But under the law after getting freed he was supposed to be repatriated to Pakistan but he is being kept illegally at a police station despite being a “legally free man.”

The Pakistan High Commission in Delhi is waiting for the reply from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to its letter about Waris. The commission has also contacted some leading Indian lawyers for consultations on his status and early release from Indian custody.

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