peshawar     -    All Councillors Alliance Khyber Pakhtunkhwa staged a demonstration outside Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, asking the government to provide them monthly salaries, uplift funds, and authority to serve their electorates.

The councillors, while carrying banners and placards, chanted slogans and staged a rally outside the Peshawar Press Club. They later marched from the press club to the KP Assembly building and said they would continue protests if their demands were not met.

The speakers recalled that they contested elections intending to solve people’s problems as the government had declared to devolve powers at the grassroots.

“Six months have passed but the government neither provided funds nor gave us any powers,” said one of the speakers on the occasion.

They also rejected the amendments in the Local Government Act, wherein the general councillors were deprived of their rights and were brought under the chairmen.

They demanded the government give them the right to move a vote of no-confidence against the chairmen to block the way of any corruption.