HYDERABAD   -          The Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFFF) on Tuesday staged a rally from SBP to Hyderabad Press Club against severe water shortage in the Indus River. The rally, led by Fisher Folk Forum Chairman Syed Mehran Shah, was attended by a large number of fishermen, members of civil society, farmers and journalists, who chanted slogans against water scarcity.

Addressing the rally, Syed Mehran Shah demanded of the government to alleviate the water shortage in the Indus River and give Sindh its share of water under the 1991 Water Accord.

He said that due to scarcity of water in the Indus River, the agricultural economy was being severely damaged while drinking water was not available to the people in the tail-end areas. The participants of the rally appealed to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Sindh to take notice of the water shortage and ensure water supply to Sindh as per the agreement.