Kundi calls for punishment of people involved in incidents

May 9 acts of vandalism, arson

Peshawar    -    The Federal State Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety, Faisal Karim Kundi, strongly condemned the acts of vandalism and arson that took place on May 9, calling for exemplary punishment for all those involved.

During a visit to the damaged building of Radio Pakistan Peshawar, Mr Kundi emphasized the need for the government to hold accountable those responsible for the ransacking of public and private properties following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi. He stressed the significance of Radio Pakistan’s building as a national and historic asset.

Mr Kundi raised concerns about the actions taken on May 9, stating, “Only someone who harbours ill intentions towards Pakistan would commit such acts.” He further questioned the motives behind damaging the Radio Pakistan Peshawar building, suggesting that Imran Niazi and his party leaders should explain what they gained from these actions. The minister also revealed that the main entrance gate of Radio Pakistan Peshawar had been sold for a mere Rs 9,000 by a PTI worker, alleging further misconduct.

Highlighting the commitment of his party, the Pakistan People’s Party, Mr Kundi emphasized that their leadership had always made sacrifices and endured years of imprisonment for the sake of democracy. He expressed his party’s firm stance against damaging national institutions or public and private properties. The minister also drew attention to the prolonged imprisonment of PPP co-chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari, who spent over 4,000 days in jail, contrasting it with Imran Niazi’s lack of willingness to endure a day in jail for the sake of his party workers.

Mr Kundi called on the federal government to recover the damages from those responsible for the attacks on public and private properties, as well as military installations, on May 9. Responding to Imran Niazi’s offer of talks to the government, he criticized Niazi’s remark about not engaging with “looters and dacoits.” Mr Kundi claimed that an irresponsible committee formed by Niazi bypassed the parliament and included members involved in attacking military installations.

The minister went on to allege that the PTI had become akin to the notorious BJP of Pakistan. He vowed that all those found involved in the vandalism and arson on May 9 would face exemplary punishment, stressing the severity of their crimes. Mr Kundi also criticized the hideout mentality of the perpetrators, likening them to thieves hiding in their houses. He further criticized Imran Khan’s ascension to power, claiming it was through selection rather than election, and asserted that the PTI’s influence had been limited to Zaman Park. Mr Kundi questioned whether any dissenting voices would arise from within PTI regarding dissociation with the party.

While emphasizing the PPP’s commitment to following the country’s constitution, the Federal Minister stressed the urgent need for electoral reforms. He mentioned PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari’s belief in the politics of reconciliation. Without naming anyone directly, he refuted allegations that the PPP regarded themselves as the biggest dacoits of Punjab, also asserting that many individuals were expressing interest in joining the party.

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