Women’s equality in all spheres of life has been a contested issue not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Be it income disparity, education opportunities, leaving careers to take care of families, etc. has always been the talk of the analysts and opinion-makers. Women’s empowerment is a very important indicator of a country’s growth and development. The role of women cannot be undermined in any field as they deliver more than expected and when given the opportunities excel in everything they do.

Their handling of situations with intelligence and empathy produces greater results. Women make up almost half of the population with only a quarter of the labour force in the country. Growing up girls always show great results in education, if given a chance, they are good position holders in board exams showing signs of boundless potential just like boys if not more. Many at that stage either opt for medicine becoming doctors only to drop out of their careers in many cases or end up becoming teachers; very few opt for other fields deeming them “unsuitable” for females. While their counterpart, that is, “boys” enter in large numbers in fields like politics, engineering, the corporate world, etc.

The real estate sector, like many other sectors and industries in Pakistan, is male-dominated. The male workforce gets more and better opportunities and advancements in their careers. AAA Associates offers many such high-profile jobs to the potential female workforce. AAA Associates with its gender-sensitive policies provides a secure platform and positive environment to its female staff and encourages the industry to take steps in order to make it easy and accessible for enthusiastic, passionate, and determined women to excel in the field of real estate, etc. There are managerial posts, team leads, data analysts, marketing experts or designers, and content writers.

It is a need of the hour that the women enter the corporate world in large numbers and contribute their share in diverse fields and prove their mettle. The corporate world has a plethora of opportunities for women in various fields to expand their horizons and produce results to take the country on the pathway of success.