Inflation and its dissatisfaction  

Pakistan, the sixth most populous country of the world has been facing predicament challenges since its inception. The emerging economic crisis and inflation is its glaring example, that brought havoc into the sundry fields of life. It is fair to say that inflation gives birth to many illegal practices which weaken the country economically, socially and politically.

We must have an infrastructure to curb with the menace of coming crisis. Someone rightly says that “poverty is the mother of all evils”. Poverty comes from harsh economic crisis and inflation. Similarly, inflation is due to bad governance. When people have nothing to meet their basic requirements of life, resultantly, they move towards crime. It can be said that the recent upsurge in crime across the country is a consequence of the economic crisis.

Unluckily, our authorities concerned, and national watchdogs have shown dismal performance regarding grave issues. But they seem busy strengthening their political powers. They must be true to their professions, for which they have been appointed for. Similarly, political bigotry among the politicians has eroded the beauty of the country. If we will not achieve political stability, we cannot make progress by leaps and wounds.

We, Pakistanis, are experiencing the most severe cost of living crisis in our lifetime. It is really a sorry situation, the government has failed to manage sudden calamities.

To make country prosperous, we must promote agricultural sector, making our industries modern, focusing on blue economy and expanding export can play a pivotal role in bringing the economic stability in Pakistan.

There is a dire need to make the country bed of roses for nation before too late. Although the day is not far, yet every Pakistani will be the culprit of every Pakistani.



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