Twitter launches 'Violent Speech' policy

Twitter announced Tuesday that it has launched its "Violent Speech" policy. 

In a tweet, the company said it has made a few changes to its policies around violent content and similar language.

"Today, we’ve officially launched our Violent Speech policy, which prohibits violent threats, wishes of harm, glorification of violence, and incitement of violence," it said.

The company said Twitter is a place where people can express themselves, learn about what’s happening and debate global issues.

"However, healthy conversations can’t thrive when violent speech is used to deliver a message. As a result, we have a zero tolerance policy towards violent speech in order to ensure the safety of our users and prevent the normalization of violent actions," it said in its news policy.

"Twitter has a zero-tolerance approach towards Violent Speech, and in most cases, we will suspend any account violating this policy.

"For less severe violations, we may require you to delete the content before you can access your account again," it added.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt