4-day conference focuses on world’s most pressing issues

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistani and interna­tional delegates yes­terday wrapped up a momentous four-day conference focussing on tackling the world’s most pressing issues from climate resilience to entrepreneurial en­deavors and sustainable water management. 

The event called for gender-inclusive so­lutions reverberated through as a testament to innovation and in­clusivity. 

Organized by the United States Agency for International De­velopment (USAID) in collaboration with the National Rural Support Program (NRSP), the conference was aligned with this year’s Inter­national Women’s Day campaign theme, ‘In­spire Inclusion.’ 

Under the USAID banner, the conference found its nurturing ground within the NRSP, spearheaded by the All Pakistan Women Uni­versities Consortium (APWUC) and boasting representation from 18 women’s universities across Pakistan. 

A melting pot of ideas, the gathering of approximately 250 participants comprised a diverse spectrum—from representatives of US Minority Serv­ing Institutions (MSIs) to esteemed Pakistani government officials, international benefac­tors, private sector gi­ants, and grassroots civic bodies.

The mission was to unravel local devel­opment quandaries through the lens of tai­lored research and com­munity-centric method­ologies, all firmly rooted in the “Green Alliance” framework. 

At the closing cer­emony, Andrew Schofer, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy, en­capsulated the spirit of the event, stating, “May our shared commit­ment to ‘Inspire Inclu­sion’ propel us toward a future where the con­tributions of each indi­vidual, community, and partner are duly recog­nized and celebrated.”

Throughout the event, a harmonious blend of keynote addresses, in­teractive workshops, and networking galore allowed participants to not just share insights but to forge enduring partnerships. It was a collective endeavor, a coming together of minds and hearts, all with a singular focus: crafting a future that is not just sustainable but deeply inclusive. The conference marked a pivotal juncture in the global vow to nurture international collabora­tions while champion­ing the pillars of diversi­ty, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA).

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