Chinese investors delegation explores investment opportunities in agro, food sector

KARACHI  -  The Agro and Food Divi­sion of the Trade Develop­ment Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), in collaboration with Pakistan’s Commercial Sec­tion in Beijing, welcomed a three-member delegation from the Shandong Bomao Holding Group of China. The visit aims to foster collabora­tions and explore investment opportunities in Pakistan’s agro and food sector.

During their meeting at TDAP Karachi, Muhummad Zubair Motiwala, Chief Execu­tive of TDAP, highlighted the immense potential of Paki­stan’s meat and meat prod­ucts exports. He emphasized Pakistan’s eagerness to attract foreign investments in the live­stock and meat sector, under­scoring the conducive invest­ment policies in the country.

Motiwala highlighted Paki­stan’s growing meat exports, which reached USD 441 mil­lion in the fiscal year 2022-23. He also pointed out Chi­na’s significant position as the world’s largest meat im­porter, with imports exceed­ing USD 26 billion in 2023. With Pakistan’s recent ap­proval to export heat-treated meat to China, facilitated by the opening of land, air and sea trade routes, Pakistan is poised to tap into this lucra­tive market effectively.

The delegation, compris­ing representatives from the Shandong Bomao Holding Group, expressed their ap­preciation for TDAP’s efforts and the support received from Pakistani government authorities. They commend­ed Pakistan’s commitment to enhancing bilateral trade relations and exploring mu­tually beneficial investment opportunities.

The delegation’s visit, scheduled until March 5th, 2024, includes field visits, meetings, and business-to-business interactions with Pakistani meat and agricul­tural product exporting com­panies. This collaboration between Pakistan and China holds promising prospects for both nations in the agro and food sector.

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