FG Polo victorious in 3rd President of Pakistan Polo Cup Finale

LAHORE   -  The Jinnah Polo Fields were alive with excitement as FG Polo team registered an easy vic­tory over BN Polo with a score of 9-5 on the second day of the 3rd President of Pakistan Polo Cup (National Open Champion­ship) Finale 2024, sponsored by Askari Bank, Habib Metro Bank, and Faysal Bank, here at Jinnah Polo Fields on Thursday. 

The match drew a large crowd of families and enthusiasts, all eager to witness the high-stakes competition. FG Polo, showcasing remarkable teamwork and strat­egy, secured their win with Raul Laplacette leading the charge. Laplacette, the star of the match, delivered an outstanding perfor­mance by netting seven goals, propelling FG Polo to 9-5 triumph. 

He was well-supported by teammates Andres Llorente and Mian Abbas Mukhtar, who contributed one goal each to the team’s tally. On the oppos­ing side, BN Polo’s efforts were led by Hamza Mawaz Khan and Hilario Ruiz, each scoring two goals, with Santiago Loza add­ing one to their total. 

The match kicked off with FG Polo taking the reins early on, as they delivered a powerful start by netting two swift goals in the first chukker, establishing an early 2-0 lead. This initial momentum was further amplified at the start of the second chukker, with FG Polo ex­tending their lead to a comfortable 3-0. However, BN Polo, undeterred by the early setback, mounted a vigorous comeback with two con­secutive goals, narrowing the gap to a single point at 3-2. 

As the third chukker unfolded, the competition intensified, with both teams displaying excep­tional skill and determination. The chukker was marked by an evenly matched battle, with each team managing to score one goal apiece. FG Polo maintained their slender lead at 4-3, setting the stage for a nail-biting continua­tion of the match. 

The fourth chukker turned the heat up further, with both teams adopting an aggressive approach in an attempt to seize control of the game. It was during this cru­cial phase that FG Polo demon­strated superior gameplay, out­maneuvering BN Polo to score four impressive goals. Despite BN Polo’s efforts, which resulted in two goals, FG Polo extended their lead to 8-5, showcasing their tac­tical superiority and teamwork. 

In the fifth and final chukker, FG Polo managed to score another, cementing their triumph with a final score of 9-5. The match was expertly officiated by field um­pires Nico Scortichini and Mark John Holmes, ensuring a fair and competitive environment. An­ticipation now builds for the next match, where BN Polo will face off against Master Paints/Dia­mond Paints on Saturday

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