Govt to utilize all available resources for polio-free country: Shahzad Baig

ISLAMABAD  -  The National Coordinator for Paki­stan’s Polio Programme, Dr Shahzad Baig said the government is deter­mined to make the country polio-free very soon through effective vaccination to every child through­out the country. Talking to a private news channel, he said that the polio eradication campaign is a part of the efforts of the government towards complete eradication of the polio.

He requested all parents to allow polio teams to administer polio drops to their children, adding that we are confident that we together with our people and international partners will achieve our target goals of mak­ing a safer, healthier and polio-free Pakistan for our children.

He said that polio has no cure, only the vaccine can provide lifelong pro­tection. “I urge parents and caregiv­ers to realize how important this vac­cine is for their children’s health and make sure that they open their doors to vaccinators and get children im­munized,” he added.

Pakistan has made incredible prog­ress against polio, and we are work­ing hard every day to make the coun­try polio-free, he mentioned.

“Polio eradication is and will re­main a top priority for the Govern­ment of Pakistan,” he said.

The Health Ministry has con­ducted the second nationwide polio vaccination of the year to vaccinate more than 45.8 million children un­der five across the nation to protect them from paralytic polio, adding, which will successfully continue until March 9. Polio workers are visiting door to door to administer anti-polio drops to children below the age of five, he added.

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