When will first day of Ramazan fall?

Islamic countries are preparing to observe the crescent moon for Ramazan on March 10, various news agencies have reported. 

The moon is predicted to appear after sunset in most Islamic countries on the day of the central conjunction, which is set for 9am GMT, according to the International Astronomical Centre. Because of this, it is expected that March 11 will be the start of Ramazan in many countries. 

Despite this, the scientific criteria for crescent visibility indicate that there is little chance of seeing the crescent on March 10. 

The crescent won't be seen that day anywhere in the Arab and Islamic world, according to astronomical observatories like SAAO, eminent academics like Ibn Tariq, Wutheringham, Maunder, Parwin, and Elias, and researchers Yallop and Odeh. 

Nonetheless, from some parts of the Americas, particularly in the west, one may be able to see the crescent using a telescope.

Therefore, Ramazan is expected to begin on Tuesday, March 12, for those Islamic countries who need to accurately see the crescent moon.

An important component of celebrating this holy month in the Islamic calendar is the expectation of seeing the crescent as preparations get under way.


ePaper - Nawaiwaqt