QAU claims reaching agreement with protesting students

ISLAMABAD - The Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) administration on Thursday said it reached an agreement with protesting students providing a meaningful reduction in fee and other charges.
A statement issued by the university said that majority of protesting students agreed to this and QAU Registrar duly notified the outcome.
Deputy Commissioner Islamabad had brokered this agreement. Regrettably, some elements determined to holding the university hostage refused to accept this agreement and blocked the entrances on the morning of September 30, 2021.
This made it impossible for the university to resume normal functioning and caused immense embarrassment to the District Administration and the protesting students who had agreed to accept the compromise solution. 
Separately, on September 29, the VC held an online Town Hall meeting with nearly 200 faculty members. 
The faculty voiced its concerns that many of our students, who were protesting sincerely for financial relief amidst difficult economic circumstances, had been hijacked by violent elements.
These elements had already damaged the Server Room of the university causing disruption of the WiFi facility and the Campus Management System cannot function. The estimated cost of replacement or repair is Rs120 million.
Under the circumstances, the university has no choice but to publicly appeal to the media, the government, and all stakeholders in the educational future of our youth, to come to its aid.
Those engaged in these violent acts have disturbed the faculty to the extent that most are not willing to return to work for in-person classes. They fear that if senior faculty members can be mistreated by students and vital systems damaged then no one, and no university asset, is safe.
It is vital that the ICT Administration, with the support of the government, plan and execute a clean-up operation of the hostels.
All those responsible for the violent disturbances and attacks must be brought to justice.
The university stands ready to cooperate fully with the ICT Administration for the purpose of restoring the writ of the state in the QAU hostels.
Unfortunately, while 99% of students are here to study and engage only in peaceful protests for redressal of their grievances, a handful of violent offenders, many of them banned/rusticated former students, have taken the university hostage.
It is not possible for the university to accept their demand for the restoration of such former students.
It is also not possible for the university to act contrary to its rules and regulations that place faculty members in key committees that oversee the administration.

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