ISLAMABAD    -   Another audio leak featuring conver­sation between former prime minis­ter Imran Khan and his close aides about the controversial cipher sur­faced on Friday on social media — the clip is believed to be in continu­ation of the first such audio leaked two days before. 

In the latest leaked audio, ex-pre­mier Imran can supposedly be heard talking with his party leaders and then federal ministers Shah Mahmood Qureshi as well as Asad Umar and his then princi­pal secretary Azam Khan on how to strategize to make a narrative on foreign conspiracy while us­ing the diplomatic cable. 

On September 28, the first leaked audio revealed a con­versation between Imran and Azam about the cipher that the PTI chief had been saying that it was part of the foreign conspir­acy to oust him from his office. This cable was written by then Pakistan’s ambassador to Wash­ington Asad Majeed following his meeting with US diplomat Donald Lu. Last weekend, a set of audio conversations between Prime Minister Shehbaz Shar­if and other key figures of the government at the Prime Minis­ter House had gone viral on so­cial media. The content of the re­cordings appear to be informal conversations as opposed to re­corded phone talks.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Shehbaz had announced to form a high-a powered committee to probe the matter of audio leaks terming a “very serious lapse” of cyber security, which can lead to the embarrassment of the coun­try at diplomatic level. 

In the latest audio clip, the ex-premier can be heard while addressing then foreign minis­ter Shah Mahmood Qureshi that they have to hold a meeting to­morrow in which “you, three of us (Imran, Asad and Azam) and the foreign secretary would be present.”

“In it (the meeting), we have to tell them to quietly write the minutes of the meeting,” he said, adding that Azam is saying that they should draft the minutes and make photocopies of it.

In his response Azam is heard asking, “Did this cipher arrive on 8th or 9th.”

Then, Imran says that the meeting was held on the 7th.

“We don’t have to name the Americans…under no circum­stances do we have to take the name,” the exp-premier said. He stressed the other people in the meeting that no one at any cost should take the name of the country. 

“It is very important for all of you, I don’t want to hear from anyone’s mouth from which country this letter has come,” said Imran.

Asad can be heard asking Im­ran: “Are you saying the letter deliberately? Because, this is not a letter, it is the meeting’s transcript.”

Imran says that both the let­ter and the transcript are “the same thing”.

“People won’t understand the transcript, this is how you say it in public rallies,” Khan says.

On the audio leak, PTI leader and former information minister Fawad Chaudhry on twitter post said that such leaks were meant to divert attention from the ac­quittal of PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz in the Avenfield case.

We observed maximum cau­tion, which was possible in dip­lomatic matters, he said.

He said that the name of US was not revealed until the cab­inet declassified the cipher and demarche was issued.

In the first leaked audio, Chair­man PTI Imran can be heard telling a game plan over the ‘re­gime change’ conspiracy. “We only have to play on this. We don’t have to name US,” he can be heard saying in the audio clip.

In response, Azam tells Imran a scheme of how to use the cipher to forward PTI’s political agenda. He suggested holding a meeting on the cipher.