ISLAMABAD    -   Prime Min­ister Of­fice on Fri­day with held the ap­pointment of Dr Asad Majeed Khan, a key figure in the cable gate controversy, as the new foreign secretary and gave Special Sec­retary (Europe) Jauhar Saleem the additional charge of the office till the position is formally filled. Jauhar Saleem has as­sumed his new responsibil­ities after Cabinet Division notified him here yesterday. Jauhar Saleem, a BPS-22 offi­cer of the foreign service of Pakistan, recently returned to Islamabad after serving as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Italy for three years. Dr Asad Majeed Khan, whose appointment as the new for­eign secretary was held, cur­rently serves as Ambassador to Belgium and EU. His ele­vation to FS was widely ex­pected but hit a bump at the last moment due to the lin­gering ‘Cipher controversy.’ Jauhar Saleem would be re­tiring from the service early next year. Therefore, the gov­ernment before his retire­ment would appoint a regu­lar foreign service officer as foreign secretary.