ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan’s first ever “Trans­gender Citizens Complaint Management System” was launched on Friday aimed at protecting the rights of trans­gender persons and address­ing their complaints. The com­plaint centre was launched under the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit in col­laboration with the Minis­try of Human Rights to time­ly address complaints against transgender community. The complaint portal would facil­itate transgender citizens to contain incidents of harass­ment, violence, and other is­sues through swift reporting of crimes on helpline 1099 which has been made opera­tional from Friday. Transgen­der rights activist Nayab Ali termed the setting up of the centre as unique and historic step to protect and support the transgender persons who will use platform for individuals to complain about their issues and problems any time any­where. She said the helpline 1099 would not only encour­age transgender persons but also increase their self-confi­dence to fight back against all odds and negative fractions of the society causing problems for them. Head of Prime Min­ister’s Strategic Reforms Unit Salman Sufi said that this com­plaint management system would be an important mile­stone in addressing the com­plaints against transgender people and would bring posi­tive results.