Acute dearth of library resources

Libraries play a pivotal role in the growth of society. The growth of society depends on re­viving the reading culture, pre­paring students for future con­tributions, and enhancing their skills. All these requirements are fulfilled by libraries. J.K. Rowling says, “When in doubt, go to the li­brary.” This means that libraries also provide resources and mate­rials for resolving doubts and find­ing answers to the questions that drift around in our minds.

Libraries have played a cru­cial role in intellectual and cultur­al growth in cities worldwide. Two of the most prominent ones are the Library of Alexandria and the Uni­versity of Oxford’s Bodleian Li­brary. The latter is not only famous for the variety of books it houses but has also contributed to Oxford’s intellectual and cultural growth.

Despite their importance, apart from Hyderabad, Karachi, and Lar­kana districts, most small towns in Sindh lack access to public librar­ies. Some cities have library build­ings, but there are insufficient re­positories of books and research journals, and no internet access is found on library premises.

Jhuddo is one of them, even though it is not from the rural re­gions of Sindh. Jhuddo, a town comprising a population of 4.5 lakh, is also consistently deprived of the facility of a library. Its stu­dents are not provided with a facil­itated environment, even though they require this for research and other purposes. It is a result of the city’s administration’s negligence. Jhuddo’s governing bodies are re­quested to pay heed to this issue as soon as possible.



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