Charles to show ‘grace’ to ‘homeless’ Prince Harry after palace snub

LONDON-ing Charles is expected to show “grace” to Prince Harry by offering him a permanent residence in the UK. In a conversation with the Daily Express, PR expert Grigorij Richters claimed the monarch will do the right thing and grant the Duke of Sussex a place to live in England, all in an attempt to escape drama. It was revealed last week that Harry was denied a request to room at Windsor Castle during his visit to London earlier this month. The Spare author currently doesn’t have a residence in the UK, as his family was evicted from Frogmore Cottage after Charles ascended to the throne. “It would demonstrate true kindness and grace from the King to allow his son to live in Britain,” Richters told the outlet. The PR mogul also claimed it would help mend fences with Harry and Meghan, as well as set a good example for the rest of the Royal Family. “If the King allows Harry to live in Britain, he will set a good example for the entire family and country, taking the sting out of the situation and making it a non-issue,” he explained. “Not allowing his son to live in Britain could certainly be interpreted as the King shunning his son. “If he denies this, the King would forcefully make Harry look bad, creating yet another tense scenario for everyone and fueling the family drama,” Richters added. GB News host Mark Dolan previously dubbed Harry the “world’s least happy millionaire,” saying, noting he has “even more to be miserable about this week.” “The prodigal Prince is now homeless Harry after he was denied a room at Windsor Castle, having failed to give palace officials enough notice that he’d be turning up,” he said on his show. In the meanwhile, Britain’s King Charles III has been issued a dire warning over the “unsustainable” nature of his public feud with estranged son Prince Harry, who stepped down as senior working royal and relocated to the US in 2020. The Duke of Sussex has lobbed several bombshells on the Palace over the last three years through TV interviews and his memoir Spare. A former royal staffer, who served the King for several years when Charles was Prince of Wales, has warned that there is a “strategic need” for a resolution in the bitter feud. “It’s not sustainable for the King, who is the national symbol of unity, to be on such bad terms with his son that they haven’t been pictured together in years. Ultimately Charles has not just a personal but also a strategic need to resolve the issue,” the insider told the Daily Beast.