Diabetes patients advised to check their blood sugar, dental health conditions regularly

ISLAMABAD-An expert on Saturday stressed public awareness for maintaining good oral hygiene and diabetes patients to get their blood sugar level regularly checked and be free from diseases such as dental problems leading to other complicated diseases.
Talking to PTV news channel, a senior Dental Surgeon Dr Awais Khan Rubbani said that continuing to spread awareness of oral health is important to educate people regarding oral health issues as smiling has a valuable impact both in social and professional life.
He said infected teeth of a diabetic person can negatively affect his blood sugar level health adding that most diabetic patients disregard their oral health although such individuals are most prone to toothache and gum problems due to poorly controlled diabetes which leads to high blood glucose levels.
Replying to a question, he explained that diet has a significant effect on health and that eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding sugary foods can help prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and mouth cancer.  If people eat highly acidic or sugary foods often, they will be more at risk of dental erosion than people who eat a healthy diet, he mentioned.
Foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are far better for your teeth and can help keep your mouth healthier for longer. It’s amazing the effects a well-balanced diet can have on your oral hygiene, he recommended. Dental check-ups are vital for maintaining one’s oral health and avoiding the cost of extensive work or dental hygiene problems, he urged.
To another query, he replied that smoking and drinking regularly can have a significant effect on the health of your teeth and gums. 
People with diabetes who smoke are at an even higher risk up to 20 times more likely than non-smokers to develop thrush and periodontal disease, he said, adding, smoking also seems to impair blood flow to the gums, which might affect wound healing in this tissue area.

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