Glastonbury Festival 2024 tickets rise to £360

PILTON - Ticket prices for Glastonbury Festival next year will rise to £360. It is a £20 increase from this year’s event, which cost £335 plus a £5 booking fee and a £75 hike from the price in 2022. Fans will be able to buy ticket and coach travel packages on 2 November, and standard tickets on 5 November. Festival goers will be charged £355 plus a £5 booking fee for standard tickets, with £75 as a deposit and the balance due by the first week of April. These standard tickets will not include additional perks like glamping accommodation, paid for separately after tickets are obtained. Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis made the pricing announcement on social media and said people would need to register in advance on the festival’s website.

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